Thursday, November 21, 2013

Mail Time!

Hey y'all, sorry it's been a few days since my last post (working 12 hours shifts really doesn't leave much time in the day to blog!) but no worries, because I'm back :)!

So my post today is about the best package I received from a lovely and very talented friend, Rachael, creator of the Letters from a Mermaid blog (ps: you can visit her blog here-! She is a doll and I'm so glad we've been able to become friends! So a couple months ago, she began to create custom stationary and I ordered some. They came in yesterday and I LOVE THEM! I knew I would anyways, but they are gorg!!! She can make a multitude of different cards, she has samples on her blog if you're interested! 

 Here's some pictures of them:

Cute little crabbies :)

Did I mention that she can include your monogram?!
If there's one thing you need to know about me, it's that I love mermaids and monograms!

I mean seriously. this is talent at its best! I love the greens and blues...not to mention the anchor (fun fact: I love everything nautical!) 

I adore getting and sending mail, and these little babies will definitely be put to use very soon! I often feel like I was born in the wrong time, because I literally have 3 separate boxes of stationary and if sending mail was free, I'd send letters out every day!! Plus, these custom letters make for great Christmas gifts, in case you wanted to get a head start! 

Well lovelies, it's exactly 1 week until Thanksgiving and I can't believe that this year is almost up! I got started on my blog pretty late in the year, but I hope that you continue to read it into the new year! I have some pretty big expectations for this coming year and I hope that y'all do as well! It's always a good day when you think of ways to improve yourself and 2014 will be the best time to get started on your goals! I wish you good luck on every one! Have a good night, y'all! Hopefully snow comes your way soon ;)   

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  1. You are SO SWEET! This post made my day! I hope you are staying cozy and warm. I know big storms from the WEst are coming in. I drive home tomorrow. Any plans for Thanksgiving?!